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Production Pattern Company is an established leader in technology and quality in the machining industry. Relied upon by major manufacturers for years, PPC offers a wide range of products and services and provides one of the industry's strongest customer support programs during the design, launch and production phases of a project.


Advanced Machining Technology
PPC Machine Company uses the following production equipment:

  • Leblond Makino MC 98 Horizontal CNC Mill - Work Envelope- X 33.0" Y 33.0" Z 33.0"
  • CNC Okuma Howa 5VA - Vertical Machining Center w/23 pod automatic tool changer - Work Envelope-X 41.0" Y 22.0" Z 22.0"
  • CNC Enshu 630H Horizontal Mill - Auto tool change, auto dual pallet changer/B axis 1 degree rotation - Work Envelope - X 35.0" Y 31.0" Z 29.5"
  • Exello CNC Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) - 36" Manual 4 Jaw Chuck, 50hp, Delta 10 CNC Control w/Graphics & Conversational Control, 38" Maximum Swing, 14" Stroke in D Axis
  • Toyoda GT62 Slantbed CNC Lathe - 21" Power Chuck, 48.0" Between Centers, 50hp, Manual Tail Stock, a Granatan Molded Bed

3-D Modeling and Design

2-D and 3-D Fixture Design


  • Toyoda GT42 Slantbed CNC Lathe - 10" Power Chuck, 24.0" Between Centers, 30hp, Manual Tail Stock, a Granatan Molded Bed
  • Nakamura Tome 4 CNC Lathe - 12" Power Chuck, 25.0" Between Centers, 30hp, Through Spindle Loading, Manual Tail Stock
  • Brown and Sharpe 9-12-9 XCELCMM (DCC) - Inspection Work Envelope is 35.4" x 47.2" x 33.5" - Programming is done with PCDMIS, AVAIL and Pattern & Casting Software
  • Sheffield Cordax 1808 MEA - Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine

Our manual machines include: Lagun Republic Vertical Mill, Elliott Auto Surface Grinder, Chop Saw, Burn Out Machine, Band Saws (Vertical & Horizontal)


CAD/CAM Computer Systems

CATIA 3D Modeling Software for Unix/Windows

SDRC Ideas 3D Modeling Software

MasterCam Computer Aided Manufacturing

WorkNC Toolpath Creation

AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop

AutoCAD/AutoCAD Mechanical

Autodesk Inventor 3D Modeling Software

Hurco, Fidia and Fanuc Machine Controls


CMM Inspection Software

PC DMIS (Dimensional Measurement Interface Software)


Pattern and Casting

DataPage  SPC Software (Statistical Process Control)


Data Transfer



Internet FTP







Flash Drive

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Production Pattern
Company -
Machining Division

560 Solon Road
Bedford, OH 44146

Phone: 440-439-3243
Fax: 440-439-0918


Look to Production Pattern Machine Company for:

Quality - PPC Machine company provides our customers with the highest quality products available. State-of-the-art technologies combined with years of experience provide our customers with quality and reliability unmatched in the industry. Customers requiring diversified products and processes, ranging from wheel molds, prototype machining, automotive and aerospace components, and specialized equipment design and build, turn to PPC Machine for services they can depend on.

Flexibility - PPC Machining Company can machine products varying in complexity and volume.

Smooth Product Launches - Our experienced Program Management staff uses Advanced Quality Planning to organize complex or basic project requirements. The result? New product launches run successfully and on time.

Customer Satisfaction - We are dedicated to continually improving our processes and technology. For our customers, that means the highest quality products and the best service available.